Haiku and Haibun · Scribbles

It has been a while……

.......since I wrote a poem. I have been scribbling away in the background but have given more time these last years to collecting thoughts, feelings and observations in a journal. Reflections on life, on love and on loss. Perhaps some if it will find its way here. This morning I felt compelled to pen a… Continue reading It has been a while……

Haiku and Haibun · Paul's Rhythm Journey


Suited and booted I was. Top of my game and driving a fast car. Selling my soul for the price of making it. Big bucks and sadness on tap. It wasn't supposed to be like this at the top. The brochure looked much nicer than the reality. Slave to the machine. Walking away to follow… Continue reading Leaping

Elemental · Haiku and Haibun

Whispers of Walden

warm orange early morning sun wraps itself around one side of the birch trees who bathe blissfully in it's embrace outside my cabin. Birdsong floats ethereally across the sky and the leaves whisper a soft response. The land is alive and I too. Inner music sings my soul awake and my hearts peels back another… Continue reading Whispers of Walden

Haiku and Haibun · NaPoWriMo


deep golden sun sinks behind the strand of Douglas Fir. a sheen glades the grass sweeping before me towards the distinct red hill. all around is sky offering a warm embrace. my steps are measured. it is hard to walk when one's heart weighs so heavy a weight each footstep draws a tear earthwards. a… Continue reading embrace

Elemental · Haiku and Haibun

red tin, grey sky

Winter's grey back drop offered mystical comfort. Stillness. There at the edges of this world, I sensed another. There was a peace hanging over the loch, like a misty prayer flag.  Whisper of wind. Then silence. This is a day full of presence. Mine and nature's. A kiss blown into my heart by the beauty… Continue reading red tin, grey sky

Haiku and Haibun

Little Manc

Terraced housing and every door open. All the kids are 'playing out' until after dark and the calls from all the Mothers ring out down our street. Tea time.* Home we all trot, muddied and bloodied knees and smiles a mile wide. Food's on the table and after grace we tuck in. Not much conversation… Continue reading Little Manc

no box to put this in

the watcher

Clouds obscure the sky and the Winter moon is only noticeable because of the chill in my heart. It is hard to describe. Hard as the lack of feeling in the cold moon. Hard as the ice that falls at night and freezes the world. Imagine an echo in a room so vast that you… Continue reading the watcher

Haiku and Haibun


My plans are ice sculptures. Beautiful to behold and full  of magic. Then they melt but their promise does not. They dissemble with a ripple that wobbles it's way slowly and surely to all the corners of infinity, touching every possibility along the way. That way I cease to put energy into worry about the… Continue reading ephemeral

Elemental · Haiku and Haibun

Hoar’s whisperer

The world is new this morning as my breath blows small clouds into being. They form briefly then disappear into the thin cold air. Such cloud making is a deep life affirmation. Nothing quite like seeing your own breath. Days like this tingle you alive. The trees are glistening with early sun dancing on the… Continue reading Hoar’s whisperer

Haiku and Haibun · Paul's Rhythm Journey

what i did on my holidays.

Hello all. It is Toni once again on the Haibun Trail. Summer is slowly winding down and this morning, there was a tad bit of cool in the air – which has long since dissipated! My prompt for you all today, will hopefully make you smile and take you back to middle or high school….what… Continue reading what i did on my holidays.