A prompt from the dVerse Poets Pub titled, Prosery: Valsa George-“The Accidental Poet” The sun sank its blood orange form into the stillness of the ocean. The sea was pond like and the dull glowing orb seemed bigger than the horizon. I guess you could call it a moment.  But it wasn’t. Not yet. A fish… Continue reading rippled

Haiku and Haibun · Paul's Rhythm Journey


Suited and booted I was. Top of my game and driving a fast car. Selling my soul for the price of making it. Big bucks and sadness on tap. It wasn't supposed to be like this at the top. The brochure looked much nicer than the reality. Slave to the machine. Walking away to follow… Continue reading Leaping



Life in a cabin has caused less internet access and so less poetry here. I'm going to try a bit of catch up now with the dVerse Quadrille series, namely numbers #57 (Rain)  and #58 (Cobble) Two poems here then. Enjoy -0- does the time know what is is or that it cycles around us… Continue reading Quadrilles


there is a field

i am dwelling within the spaces between the sounds of silence you will not find me by looking there unless your eyes have ears i am the sound of shattered shards of soul, cracked mirror of self i am the sound of whispered leaves, falling onto soft dew lit grass i am the sound of… Continue reading there is a field

Elemental · Haiku and Haibun

Whispers of Walden

warm orange early morning sun wraps itself around one side of the birch trees who bathe blissfully in it's embrace outside my cabin. Birdsong floats ethereally across the sky and the leaves whisper a soft response. The land is alive and I too. Inner music sings my soul awake and my hearts peels back another… Continue reading Whispers of Walden

Quadrille · Scribbles


how to step into a muddle wear suitable clothing, preferably rubber goggles are optional bow your legs and walk like a duck quacking is optional once there, embrace the chaos screaming is optional spinning is likely so hold onto yourself tightly love is compulsory   For dVerse Quadrille



  gather up the muddle that is yourself fire hard(end) rock eggs leaping within bounce them into a zip(ped) bag to melt avoiding any sort of crunch is a good thing take the resulting liquid and paint the sky an emotional blue flurry of wisdom   Quadrille for dVerse          

Haiku and Haibun · NaPoWriMo


deep golden sun sinks behind the strand of Douglas Fir. a sheen glades the grass sweeping before me towards the distinct red hill. all around is sky offering a warm embrace. my steps are measured. it is hard to walk when one's heart weighs so heavy a weight each footstep draws a tear earthwards. a… Continue reading embrace


Release me

a pebble wish i drop into this pond it curls towards the depths, unfolded frond to find a place where it might resonate and sing a song to help me break this bond   A rubai for dVerse MTB A rubai or stanza in a rubaiyat is four lines long and rhymes AABA in iambic… Continue reading Release me

NaPoWriMo · Quadrille

eye to eye

  eyes that could melt rock set wild fires incandescent to zip sparks leap(ing) stars aside moon-shadows   bouncing hard at galaxy's edge crunch(ing) planetary egg into dust we gather our lost selves to sweep clean that detritus of soul   in cornea's heart centre all's reflected