Life in a cabin has caused less internet access and so less poetry here. I'm going to try a bit of catch up now with the dVerse Quadrille series, namely numbers #57 (Rain)  and #58 (Cobble) Two poems here then. Enjoy -0- does the time know what is is or that it cycles around us… Continue reading Quadrilles

Quadrille · Scribbles


how to step into a muddle wear suitable clothing, preferably rubber goggles are optional bow your legs and walk like a duck quacking is optional once there, embrace the chaos screaming is optional spinning is likely so hold onto yourself tightly love is compulsory   For dVerse Quadrille



  gather up the muddle that is yourself fire hard(end) rock eggs leaping within bounce them into a zip(ped) bag to melt avoiding any sort of crunch is a good thing take the resulting liquid and paint the sky an emotional blue flurry of wisdom   Quadrille for dVerse          

NaPoWriMo · Quadrille

eye to eye

  eyes that could melt rock set wild fires incandescent to zip sparks leap(ing) stars aside moon-shadows   bouncing hard at galaxy's edge crunch(ing) planetary egg into dust we gather our lost selves to sweep clean that detritus of soul   in cornea's heart centre all's reflected  

NaPoWriMo · Quadrille

eggzipit 1 (groan!)

  crunching a verb or two between these rock hard teeth creates a jumble of letters to bounce off the page and fires up an idea that whilst a  leap could result in the zipping of this word melt in a long egg of sorts   I began the series again after Quadrille #44 so… Continue reading eggzipit 1 (groan!)

NaPoWriMo · Quadrille

shift happens

  how to un-zip (my soul) cannot carry this weight any (longer) growth is so painful new limbs at my (age) requires a stretch i cannot make without (something) breaking is how it all (feels) like reality is moving to a new (paradigm) shifting view   submission for De's prompt at dVerse and another poem for… Continue reading shift happens



  fire in the egg                 you never know soul's crucible                it may bubble-up melting my hard           shell-like being rock-like heart               jump-started blood crunching as it             soul… Continue reading triplicities



this egg at the centre of me it's beginning to crack   i saw a tear drip from it yesterday fashioned from old pain   falling it grew wings   i saw hands reach outward only to turn and embrace the only heart   they could truly hold   submission for dVerse Quadrille hosted by… Continue reading eggsistential