Choka · Tree Tanka

Tree Choka

do you see me here piercing your being with force willing you to stop i stand so still and rooted this sky is ablaze but we will not be burning today you humans bringing fire to the forests shadow and light the story of forever unfolding and emergent you are in the way of it… Continue reading Tree Choka

Choka · Scribbles

with land

the land holds my walk a groove forged repetition well mapped spirallings a wish to leave self behind is thwarted by self's refusal to disembark and so it begins bringing the inner outside rain has soaked the earth for too many days it seems a deep squelching step this watery way ahead russets and yellows… Continue reading with land

Choka · NaPoWriMo

hope gets in your eyes

It's another day for poetry at Real Toads and Sherry has this for us all. For your challenge, write a poem about the landscape you love, the places that heal you, the ones you call you home. Where do you go to replenish your stores of hope? What does the land sing to you while… Continue reading hope gets in your eyes


to capture a journey

img courtesy Our dVerse prompt today comes from Bodhirose. The Choka or Long Poem is believed to be the most intricate of Japanese poetry and was used to tell a story; many were epic with over 100 lines.  This form was popular between the 1st and 13th centuries, the earliest example was discovered in the… Continue reading to capture a journey