Haiku and Haibun · NaPoWriMo

halfway haiku

what point does this

side become the other side/

halfway is neither


when halfway to there

you can no longer be here/

so where are you then


if you are there now

halfway to the other side/

then you are not here


the other side of

halfway is not in any way /

between here and there


once you pass halfway

this side becomes the other/

and there becomes here


halfway lies a bridge/

either side of it there live

the far-sider folk



napowrimo 15(2)/30

selected as featured poem for napowrimo day 16


21 thoughts on “halfway haiku

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  2. “this side becomes the other” will stay with me — thank you. Any chance you’ll consider joining The Haiku Room on Facebook? If you’d like to check it out, just message me and I’ll connect you.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I hadn’t been linking up with the site, using Real Toads as my main prompt source for 30/30. Yesterday I wrote two pieces and so thought I’ll drop one at napowrimo. Funny how things pan out sometimes.

  3. Went and looked at pictures – a dam / lock, also? So the far siders are simply everyone who is not on the same side as you in the literal sense, Works in the figurative sense as well, which is where your delightful poem took me.

    1. Thank You De. I noticed your name there in the archive ( so right back atcha ). I didn’t start linking up with napowrimo (cos I didn’t quite get the website layout)until two days ago. Now potentially doubled my workload !!!!!

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