Tree Tanka

Tree Tanka PDF

There is now a Free PDF version of Volume 1 of what will one day become a Treelogy (3 Volumes) Click on the the image on the right hand side bar to download. (Large File so use Wifi and patience) If after having read the PDF you would be interested in a future print version… Continue reading Tree Tanka PDF



A prompt to send us towards or even over the Precipice at Desperate Poets this fine morning. swallowing the light from that still visible exploded star fashioned me a cavern bigger than i could ever occupy condemning me to wander in search of the great mystery a lifetime of leaping into lostness to find the… Continue reading untitled

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more than human

some bodies cannot read these words which caged by my privileged hand inhabit a small island town whose population is extincting the sap which bleeds from the birch has more to say on this. the silence emanating from the mountain is four billion years old. four. billion. years. feathers in flight whisper prayers to the… Continue reading more than human

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Tis time for Death by Broken Shoelaces over at Desperate Poets. Pop over and read some of the finest poets in this small corner of Poetdom. how small is one sip? that could be a whole poem right there maybe it is it began at bunnahabhain on the wild coast overlooking Jura across the sound… Continue reading ripples


night night

A rework of an oldie and a submission for Desperate Poets OLW dreaming into that dark night of stitched-lip-screams a great yawped boom of silence so infinite it crushed me wholly an infinitesimal smallness failing legs at the crossroads as ghost traffic hurtled death my way roused and drenched in sweat stitch-less now yet screaming… Continue reading night night

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ocean calling

Love Songs on a Ghost Jukebox is the prompt over at Desperate Poets and I have reworked an older piece to bring in a dimension that I wanted to write then but could not. Time and distance allowed me to see the piece in a new light and bring what I feel is a more… Continue reading ocean calling


isle of dreams

The last night of my sojourn on the sacred isle of Iona was a torment of dreams. The next day a walk through a liminal space on the way homeward, a ferry, a bus, another ferry, a long car drive, a stop over away from home and then more cars, buses and trains to land… Continue reading isle of dreams


vanishing point

A call to desperation from my ol mucker Brendan, on the eve of a visit to the sacred isle of his and my ancestors, Iona. Strange times call for stranger writings it seems. Here is a re-work of an older poem from 2018. i get to write with the authority of the broken it lends… Continue reading vanishing point



A prompt from the dVerse Poets Pub titled, Prosery: Valsa George-“The Accidental Poet” The sun sank its blood orange form into the stillness of the ocean. The sea was pond like and the dull glowing orb seemed bigger than the horizon. I guess you could call it a moment.  But it wasn’t. Not yet. A fish… Continue reading rippled

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My Wheelbarrow Teacher

After a number of years away from the forum, of which I was once a very active member, I received a pingback in my inbox from the dVerse Poets Pub via a prompt curated by Laura Bloomsbury entitled MTB: Cleaving to Antonyms in Contrapuntal Lines which included a link to a Contrapuntal prompt of mine from… Continue reading My Wheelbarrow Teacher

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We didn't think it was possible for a very, very, very, long time. even as it all slipped away. slowly, slower, slowed. imperceptibility as ignorance. disappearance in plain sight. swathes of 'over there.' gone, but not landed in these bodies. not my back yard, so not mine. until we realised that all of it, was… Continue reading mi(rage)